A Conspiracy of Grace

By Rev. Dr. Ron Barnes

Help us carry one another’s burdens and in this way you will obey the law of Christ. – Galations 6:2

It was the last game of the Little League Season. The whole family had come to watch eight-year-old Johnny. It was a close game. It came down to Johnny being the last batter of the game.  The first pitch went by….STRIKE ONE!  Johnny knew how much everyone needed him to get a hit. There was a man on first and third with two outs.  His team was down by one run, 3 to 2.  Johnny, of course, wanted to get a hit for his team but also for his family members. Sixty family members had come to see him play.  All this went on in his mind after the first strike.  The second pitch was a ball.  The third pitch was right down the middle.  Johnny struck and missed.  Actually, Johnny had not hit the ball all day!  He had struck out at every bat.  He was now horrified about what his family would think of him.  He was more intense now focusing harder. A strange sense of calm seemed to come over him. The next pitch was right down the pike and Johnny swung a perfect swing.  “STRIKE THREE,” called the Umpire.  Game over.

Johnny was crushed as walked to the dug out with his head down. He sat down there all alone and feeling terrible and defeated. He cried and was distraught. Then he hears, “It isn’t over.” He looks up to see his dad. “It isn’t over.  Get a bat and let’s see you smack one.”  Johnny grabs a bat and then he sees all this relatives out in the field.  His dad is the pitcher. Johnny swings at several pitches and then he hits one into the outfield! He runs and turns by first base.  The ball is thrown to second but the second baseman misses it and Johnny runs to third.  He slides into third but the third baseman bobbles it and it gets away so Johnny runs to home.  The throw to the plate is a bit high so Johnny slides under the tag. “SAFE,” yells his father who runs over to give him a big hug.

Johnny probably knew that his family was being somewhat graceful with their throws. But, he grinned from ear to ear. It was a Conspiracy of Grace by Johnny’s family.  God’s grace fills our heart and soul.  It is an amazing Conspiracy of Grace.  We can’t help but respond by extending this grace to others. This Thanksgiving Holiday, we at Anchorpoint our grateful for God’s grace no matter life’s ups and downs.  And, we are grateful for the many individuals he blesses us with to intervene like Johnny’s family. Thank you to the many people who help us to minister to folks going through everyday crisis searching for hope and grace in their own lives.  Thank you to our volunteers, donors, board, staff, and clients for trusting us to participate in the work of showing God’s compassion, hope and grace through the healing work of our ministry.  Thank you for partnering with us in lifting each other’s burdens.

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