About Us

Anchorpoint Counseling Ministry (ACM), established in 1966, has grown to encompass the needs of individuals of all ages. We are unique in our approach to strengthen family life by offering a holistic approach that includes the integration of emotional, relational, and spiritual healing through individual and family counseling, parent education and prevention programs and a tutoring/mentoring program.

Mission: Building hope and promoting healing and learning through faith-based counseling and support services.

Vision Statement: All individuals and families are empowered to reach their full potential.

In 1966, North Hills Area churches created Anchorpoint Counseling Ministry (formerly the North Hills Youth Ministry Counseling Center) as a non-denominational outreach ministry to teens. Moving from this emphasis on teens, in 1982 the ministry began working with parents, the primary influence determining the health and well-being of the family.

“God has saved me from myself and profoundly changed my life several times.  Among these was the day I met Keith Brown, founder of NHYMCC [now Anchorpoint]. His “coffee house” for teenagers was a fledgling youth ministry at the the time. Imagine my surprise when, 40 years later, upon moving back to “the burgh,” Anchorpoint was referred to me as an excellent counseling and tutoring resource.  I had not known of the coffee house’s fate–I learned how it is now touching so many lives, both kids and adults.  Better yet, the referral was right on.  I can’t praise enough the personal counseling I’ve received, and the tutoring program goes way beyond others I’ve tried. The staff took a dedicated, personal interest in my daughter’s circumstances by working closely with me and her teachers. They related to her individual personality to make her experience a positive one, and have created an atmosphere of praise and fun for the kids. The amazing growth, longevity, and the many ways the organization now lifts up the community it serves is testament to God’s work and to the dedication and compassion of the staff. – Denise Moorehouse, Client 

Today, Anchorpoint Counseling Ministry is a Healing and Educational Ministry Providing:

  • Professional counseling services for individuals, youth, families, and couples. Our mission calls for us to serve all, regardless of their ability to pay. We complete an average of 3,800 counseling sessions annually. Approximately 40% of our clients require financial assistance due to limited income, unemployment or a loss or reduction in their medical benefits. For these individuals and families, we are able to provide counseling services on a sliding scale method of payment based on their income and ability to pay. We are credentialed to receive third-party insurance from Highmark, MHNet, UPMC, Aetna, Cigna, and United Behavior Health.
  • Therapeutic Support & Educational Groups a Anchorpoint reach a variety of ages and issues experienced. Some groups offered are for those struggling with mental health difficulties. Other groups will be workshops for the average individual with an interest in a particular area. Our groups bring together individuals who share a common experience or struggle to support and empower each other in a caring environment while developing skills and coping tools. Click here for current offerings.
  • Grief Support continues to be an important outreach. Our programs reach those who feel that have no one with which to share their grief.  We also are a referral source for those who are bereaved and provide help connecting them with our resources and those outside our agency. We have partnerships with Good Grief Center, St. Sebastian Church, and The Caring Place as well as local hospices.
  • Parenting education classes and workshops on a variety of workshops throughout the community for parents on specific child-rearing themes, presentations on family issues, and leadership training seminars.
  • Tutoring/mentoring (Youth Development Program) helps children of all ages flourish academically, emotionally, and socially, while helping them develop the skills and strengths they need to grow up to become successful, productive adults. Implemented in 2001, this program serves 100+ children (preschool through 12th grade) annually, from local school districts. Tutoring services are offered at a reduced cost in order to reach out to families who otherwise would not be able to obtain educational assistance for their children. The Youth Development Program which offers a combination of counseling, tutoring, and parent education is quite effective and unique to our agency.
  • Master’s level Clinical Internship program.