Thank you for Helping Us Help Others.

If you are in need of hope and healing, please call us today at 412-366-1300.

“Again, I will never, ever forget…all the help and encouragement you gave us those years ago when I thought my heart was breaking and I didn’t know what to do. But, I always feel God puts you with the people and where you’re supposed to be…those many trips to North Hills were a God-send.” – Counseling Client

“As a grandparent your information was very helpful. It is challenging to be the main caregiver for my grandson.” – Parenting Workshop Attendee

“Great Experience. I should have come sooner.” – Counseling Client

“Anchorpoint is our “go-to” agency. We are so glad to have a place to send our students who need both counseling and tutoring! It’s more likely that families will seek help for both areas if they only have to go to one agency.” – Guidance Counselor

“I felt all alone in my grief, openly pretending it did not exist, when I found the spousal loss group. I found hope and others who shared my grief and in turn helped them share theirs. The experience taught me that it is okay to grieve and I’ve found a new circle of friends.” – Grief Support Group Member

“We are just glad that we came to Anchorpoint Counseling Ministry. We couldn’t have resolved the issues with our son on our own.” – Family in Counseling and Tutoring

“I see that I am not alone in my situation.” – Parenting Workshop Attendee

“Anchorpoint hs been a God-Send for our family. We have used their counseling services and the tutoring program. As a single mother with two children, I couldn’t find affordable counseling or tutoring options. They were such a wonderful fit for our family!” – Family in Counseling

” [My counselor] is very affirming yet challenges me to make changes that will enable me to live in ways that are stronger and healthier emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.” – Counseling Client

“It was helpful hearing people with the same problems and what you can do to solve the problems.” – Parenting Workshop Attendee

“Here are some things I like about tutoring. It is fun and education at the same time. My tutor helped me in spelling with educational games. With this help, my grades have gone up. My grades in reading have gone up. I’m also getting better at writing. That is what I like about tutoring.” -4th grade student

“I was desperate for counseling and am so grateful for your sliding scale program.” –  Family in counseling

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