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Ministering to those with Suicidal Thinking

National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 800-273-8255 By Wendy Cibula Do not harm yourself, for we are all here. – Acts 16:29 I was surprised to read that Christian Superstar and American Idol finalist, Mandisa, recently faced struggles with depression. How could the author of perky-feel-good-its-amazing-to-be-alive music like “It’s a Good Morning” and “Overcomer” experience such a […]
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Thank You Note to My Clients

Often, as clients end their time of counseling, they share how grateful they are for all the help they have received. When this happens, I use that opportunity to thank them. At times, however, clients stop coming for one reason or another and I don’t get the chance to thank them. I would like to […]
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Non-custodial Parenting

By Don Shar, NCC Are you or is someone you know in a non-custodial parenting situation? Because of divorce and other social issues, about half of children now reside in homes with only one of their biological parents. At least initially, most non-resident parents understand that they continue to be important in the lives of their […]
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Critical Needs Alert: Be a Safety Net for Families Facing Difficulties

Pittsburgh Foundation Critical Needs Alert Giving Event (May 23, 2017):  If you visit www.pittsburghgives.org on May 23rd between 8am and 11:59pm and make a donation of at least $25 to Anchorpoint, the Pittsburgh Foundation will increase your donation from their matching funds.  The Foundation is hosting a Critical Needs Alert giving event to support organizations […]
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