Thank You Note to My Clients

Often, as clients end their time of counseling, they share how grateful they are for all the help they have received. When this happens, I use that opportunity to thank them. At times, however, clients stop coming for one reason or another and I don’t get the chance to thank them. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of my clients. I want you to know that each of you have enriched my life, have taught me so much, and have given me the motivation to continue in the field a bit longer.

I am aware of how hard it was for you to actually come to that first session. Seeking counseling was a new experience for some of you and a return journey for others.  As a result of that first step you began an important journey in your life.  It may have changed your life, but it also enriched my life.

From you I have learned the true meaning of resilience and determination.  I have seen you struggle, grow and choose life. This journey may have taken months for some and years for others. And over those months or years, each I time I saw you, share your vulnerability,  be honest with yourself or acknowledge your deepest fear, I experienced you coming back to life.

Here are a few of the many ways you have enriched my life:

• how love can overcome hate • how being honest with yourself can lead to growth • how lasting changes takes place once you are able to challenge your own faulty thinking • how spiritual doubt can lead to a deeper faith

As our name states, Anchorpoint is a Ministry, and as such supports our clients who want to address their relationship with God.  My greatest joy has been with those who have wanted to explore their questions, doubts and struggles about God and their faith and prayer.  Anchorpoint offers the opportunity to expand your understanding of God, to develop an adult faith and to grow spiritually.

Every once in while I am asked how I can listen to peoples’ problems day after day and not get discouraged.  It is because of you, my clients who show me what real courage, strength and resilience look like.  And for that I am grateful.

Sr. Mary Jane Beatty, LMFT

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