Critical Needs Alert: Be a Safety Net for Families Facing Difficulties

Pittsburgh Foundation Critical Needs Alert Giving Event (May 23, 2017):  If you visit on May 23rd between 8am and 11:59pm and make a donation of at least $25 to Anchorpoint, the Pittsburgh Foundation will increase your donation from their matching funds.  The Foundation is hosting a Critical Needs Alert giving event to support organizations that meet basic needs and are the safety net in our area.  Anchorpoint is included among the charities because we provide life-saving mental health and support services.

depressed single momSarah’s story demonstrates how your contributions positively affect lives and why the services of Anchorpoint are part of the Critical Needs and Safety Net Services in Allegheny County:

When Sarah first visited our offices, she was recently divorced. Her husband had left her and their two children. Prior to him leaving, Sarah lived what she considered to be a nice life. Nice house, nice car, nice neighbors, nice vacations, nice bank account – so nice so that Sarah was able to stay home with her children full-time while her husband worked. The day he left everything changed…

Suddenly, Sarah was home alone with two confused, sad and angry children. No income. No way to pay the mortgage and bills on her “nice” home. Once frequent restaurant dinners were replaced with scrambled eggs – it was all she could afford. The sports her children loved to participate in were now not in her budget. Sarah had been out of the work force for more than a decade and couldn’t even get a job interview. She felt worthless.

As she struggled to pay the growing bills and be a mother to her children, Sarah slipped deeper into a battle with anxiety and depression. Her daughter was constantly crying, slamming doors and shutting herself off. Her son had begun obsessively playing video games, being aggressive to the family dog and violently lashing out. His grades suffered. Sarah felt hopeless, desperate and angry. Where was the life she used to know? How could she have prevented this from happening? Why couldn’t she help her children? They didn’t ask for any of this. Her guilt and anxiety were suffocating her.

One Sunday at church, a friend gave Sarah a hug and she couldn’t keep it together anymore. She began to weep and shared with her friend how difficult her life had become. Her friend gave her the name and phone number of Anchorpoint. Although she was terrified of sharing her secret shame, Sarah knew she needed to help her children and herself. She called Anchorpoint Counseling Ministry that day.

We matched Sarah and her children with the counselors who would best meet their family’s needs. Because of your generosity, Sarah was able to utilize our sliding scale fee for counseling and she joined our support group for single moms, SPIN (Single Parents Information Network), free of cost. Her children enrolled in Anchorpoint’s after school tutoring program. Sarah told us these services were a Godsend to her family.

happy single mom

Today, more than a year after her introduction to Anchorpoint, Sarah is a healthier version of the woman who first came into our offices. Her children are doing well and she has a job now too! Sarah smiles more and carries herself with a confidence in the knowledge that she is able to care for her children and herself. Sarah knows that life can be hard – curve balls are inevitable – but she’s equipped with the coping tools to handle it.

We couldn’t have helped Sarah and her children without one thing. YOU.

Sarah is one of our many clients who simply can’t afford to pay full-price for counseling. The only way we can continue to provide low-cost services to families like Sarah’s is donations from friends like you. Our staff works hard to fundraise all year, so that we never have to say “no” to a client in need. As a small agency, our funds are tight. Every gift made to Anchorpoint Counseling Ministry, whether modest or large, directly supports Sarah and many like her.

Will you please share a gift with Anchorpoint? When you do, you work with us to transform lives of people that are hurting. Your monetary donation becomes a priceless gift of hope and a better future for those going through difficult transitions. We need your help to minister to families like this who face unexpected life changes.  The services of Anchorpoint, combined with your gifts and prayers, have the power to transform lives like those of Sarah and her children. Working together, we can change even more lives! Can we count on you?

Please consider sharing your gift with Anchorpoint Counseling Ministry.  Your contribution funds critical needs for our clients and provides a safety net during challenging times. You can give online through our Pay Pal link, via a check mailed to our offices, a phone call to our offices with your credit card number or through the Pittsburgh Foundation website on May 23 (  We are grateful for any assistance on behalf of our clients.  Thank you.

This story is all too common of an experience. We have changed names to protect the privacy of our clients

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