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Life Lessons From the Green

By Rev. Dr. Ron Barnes, LSW

I’ve been playing golf for 41 years and I have realized that my golf game needs a lot of consistent nurturing for it to improve.  A good golfer will practice and practice and play regularly to maintain a high level of skill.  Consistent focus, concentration on the swing, and follow through on the ball are necessary to be a good player. Occasionally, taking a lesson helps me to correct any bad habits and I always learn a few new helpful pointers.

Golf is a very difficult game that needs to be played frequently in order to become a more skilled player. Similarly, parents, children, and families need an ongoing concentration of nurturing and caring to feel important, loved, and to know that they belong. It takes the consistent practice of spending time together, telling each other how much you care, and just being around to create healthy relationships. One has to follow through regularly to build trust and deepen ties in relationships.

Communities, like individuals and families, also need to be consistently nurtured and affirmed to become and remain healthy environments in which people desire to live. Creating a caring community, however, takes a lot of caring people. There are many caring people in the North Hills who work hard at creating caring organizations.  Just as it takes consistent practice and effort to become and remain a nurturing person, the communities we live in need to continually practice as well.

At Anchorpoint Counseling Ministry (ACM) we continue to be grateful to the many individuals, businesses, civic organizations, clubs and foundations that consistently practice community-wide hospitality. This community participation is essential to healthy individual growth and to fostering the spirit of loving one’s neighbor as one’s self. As a result of this infectious spirit, many children and their families in the North Hills experience a nurturing community. God Bless the nurturers!

If you and your family are having issues connecting and creating a nurturing family environment, we can help. In addition to accepting many health insurances, we offer an affordable sliding scale. The generosity of our community of supporters ensures our counseling is accessible to all those we can help. To schedule an appointment with a compassionate therapist who will listen, call 412-366-1300.

BTW, if you are a golfer like me and would like to support Anchorpoint in our efforts, consider playing in our Golf Classic. It will be held September 15 at the Old Stonewall Golf Club. We are also accepting silent auction donations and sponsorships. Click here for more details or call ACM at 412-366-1300.