The Grinch Has no Chance with Anchorpoint on Your Side

Jim Ogle
Board President
Anchorpoint Counseling Ministry

During the Christmas season everyone seems so happy. You see Christmas trees on tops of cars. People are putting up lights. Christmas carols are heard everywhere you go…and many are talking about their favorite Christmas show or movie watched every year. Mine without question is “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.” The Grinch is such a different and classic look and character! And, then there is his dog, Max, with an antler strapped to his head, running around just happy with life as the Grinch does everything he can to stop Christmas from coming. He tries hard stealing the decorations, presents and food. But, with all the Grinch does, Christmas still comes to those who believe and understand its true meaning.

At this time of year we all have a Grinch or two that affects us, no matter who we are. For some it is anxiety and depression, loneliness or isolation…or poor health…for many single mom’s its finances…for some parents it’s their kids in the military stationed overseas who won’t be home for the holidays…For me this year, it is my first Christmas ever without my mom who passed away in September.

But, the Grinch has no chance against Anchorpoint and the work we do in helping families. The many counseling and tutoring sessions and parent education programs not just today, but those conducted six months ago impact our clients and help them to not just get through the holidays, but in many cases to thrive. I am never more proud to be part of Anchorpoint than I am at this time of the year…..for Ron and the staff, our tutors, counselors and many volunteers and the work they all do in helping people to believe and push through the Grinch in so many lives.

What Grinches are you dealing with? If you need someone to talk with, Anchorpoint can help.  Call 412-366-1300 to start your journey of hope and healing.

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