You Can Make A Difference For Kids One Step at a Time

Walk Photo“I’m very grateful for the tutoring program at Anchorpoint.  I have seen many benefits from my child going there.  Some of them are her grades have improved, her self-esteem has gone up, and her attitude about going to school is also better.  Everyone at Anchorpoint is very knowledgeable and helpful.  I don’t want to think of our school life for our child if I would not have found Anchorpoint tutoring.” –Parent of a child in tutoring  

We have the privilege to once again be participating in the Highmark Walk for a Healthy Community.  The walk takes place on Saturday, May 16, 2015, at Stage AE on the North Shore. This year’s Walk benefits 68 health and human service organizations including Anchopoint Counseling Ministry. Because Highmark underwrites this event, 100% of the proceeds we raise can go directly to helping children receive desperately needed counseling and tutoring support.  Please join us and together we can make a difference in the lives of at-risk youth. Click here to walk with us.  You can even form your own team. If you are unable to walk, please consider a donation to one of our other walkers. The kids in tutoring and their families have formed Team Excel to help in this effort. They’d enjoy your participation.

Highmark Walk
Saturday,  May 16th at Stage AE North Side
Register here to walk for Anchorpoint
Registration begins at 7:45 a.m. and the 5K Walk begins at 9 a.m.
The One-Mile Fun Walk begins at 9:15 am.
Check in procedure: When you arrive the day of the walk, check-in with us at the Anchorpoint Table.
If you’ve qualified for a t-shirt, you will then proceed to the t-shirt table.
More details are available at the Highmark FAQ page.

Walking will not only benefit the children that Anchorpoint serves…walking, as you probably know, is good for you too – both physically and mentally! Highmark put together an interesting sheet on the benefits of Walking.  Here are some of their facts:

  • A 5K (or 3.1 mile) walk is approximately 6,400 steps.
  • The United States Center for Disease Control recommends that Americans walk 10,000 steps per day, or approximately five miles.
  • Walking can:
    • promote weight management
    • reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer and osteoporosis
    • lower blood pressure and cholesterol
    • increase energy
    • improve mood
    • decrease stress
  • The average calories burned during walking varies depending on the individual, speed walked and terrain. A general average is 100 calories per mile.
  • The President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports reported 67 million men and women are walking regularly, and walking has surpassed swimming as the most popular exercise activity of adults over 50.
  • Research has shown that people who walk approximately 20 to 25 miles per week outlive those who don’t walk by several years.
  • Walking an extra 20 minutes each day will burn off 7 pounds of body fat per year.
  • Walking shoes should be replaced every 300 to 500 miles (or every 3 to 6 months)

How to Start Training As you may already know walking, as exercise, is one of the easiest and most effective forms of exercise. Highmark suggests the following as you prepare for the Walk: Start training for the walk slowly. In the first week spend 10 minutes walking outdoors, and then add five minutes to your walk every week until you are walking approximately 30 minutes per day. Spend a few days a week walking longer (a total of 45 to 60 minutes) so that your body will be prepared for the length of the walk.  Be sure to drink plenty of water before, during and after walking.  Incorporate stretches, as well as a warm up and cool down period, into your workout every day. We hope to see you on Saturday, May 16, 2013, at Stage AE on the North Shore. For more information, visit the Highmark Walk’s website or contact Denise Patsko.

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